Aerodrome Services operates globally providing AGL (Aeronautical Ground Lighting) consultancy, designs and a variety of airfield services. Aerodrome services was created to support airports, aviation authorities, airfield lighting suppliers, airfield consultants and airfield installation contractors with project specific airfield lighting designs and consultancy services. Aerodrome Services supports customers worldwide from our offices in Dublin, Ireland and Singapore.

Aerodrome Services is in a unique position to develop projects through the following phases: Initial AGL Consultancy, Airfield Lighting Design, Specification and Tender documentation, Project Management, On-Site Delivery and Supervision of the Airfield Lighting Installation, Commissioning, Project Handover and Development of a AGL Maintenance plan.


AGL designs can be performed for a wide range of civil and military installations operating under visual flight rules (VFR) down to low visibility conditions.We provide full AGL designs whether or not a project specification is available. All designs fully comply to the relevant international and national regulatory bodies such as ICAOIECEASASTANAGFAACAA, CASA, CAAS and IAA.


Airfield lighting designs include:

  • AGL Design Documentation
  • Autodesk Project Drawings
  • Design Calculations
  • Site Survey Reports

Our list of services include:
  • Airfield Lighting Consultancy
  • Airfield Lighting Design
  • Airfield Site Surveys
  • AGL Installation Site Supervision/Resident Engineer
  • AGL Specification/Tender Documentation and Drawings
  • AGL Design Review
  • AGL Budget Estimate and Review
  • Heliport Lighting Design
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Calculation
  • Approach Light Profile Calculation
  • ALCMS (Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems)
  • Apron Floodlighting
  • Electrical Services and Power Systems
  • AGL Maintenance Audits
  • AGL Training